Dear backers, we are (still) alive! [Kickstarter Update 5]

Hello There,

I know we have been super late with the reply’s and almost to say, ignoring this aspect of the community, what is should be and what it was made for, but I know one thing, that You deserve an explanation, deserve to know what happened.
So allow me to explain.
First off, let me get this out of the way,
We are truly focused and are giving the most out of ourselves, we are doing this for You, no one is forcing us or anything, except that we actually had to deliver the orders that we initially promised.
Our original plan was to be over with the whole Kickstarter status and orders in May, late May at the most if any unplanned delays happened, but this? Three whole months? No, this was never in our mind and we had no idea that in the end, it would be so. But then all of the sudden all of these problems started popping up, from screens to the button caps, everything started to arriving late for us, we were pissed, stressed and hadn’t planned any of this.
So for the last two months or so We have been truly busting our asses off from work, 14 to 16 hours, every day, we had no rest, no free days, no nothing. We fully and one could say only, focused on the production, development, assembly, and delivery, nothing else, we have done some small community relations from time to time when there were these time gaps in between the assembly, but that was it. One day, since we left the community part untouched for a week or so, opened our emails, forum, and Kickstarter messages… BAM! It was a disaster, there were so many messages, mails, questions, feedback’s that we just couldn’t manage that much in that little time that we had, so we got some help from the people who worked for us at the assembly to manage that part untill we deal with this situation and offer a proper reply to everyone. We just started to reply, to everyone, from 800+ emails that we got to Slack conversations, Kickstarter messages, and forum. Now that we have answered and done 99% of that, it is much easier and can now manage both.
It was a thing that should not have happened and with a better organization it would not have but had to… And now that it had, we learned from it, we learned to be more organized, to respect things a bit more and plan a better than we have until this point.
I truly hope that you can understand what happened, we weren’t prepared for the delays and that’s it.
If you have anything else that feels like confusing or need to ask anything, I’ll be more than happy enough to respond and give you what I think could be a satisfying answer.

Once again, Thank You for understanding and have a great day!

Dom from MAKERbuino.

I just wanted to address some of you here.

Your package is under way! We managed to ship it yesterday.
Glad to hear that it had arrived! And yes indeed we are, “busting our asses” would be a proper thing to say.
I am truly sad to hear that Alvaro, We have shipped your order back on 26th of July. The only thing I hope right now is that you managed to assemble it without any problems and enjoyed the process.
We understand.
I am aware that happened, and it seems even like post managed to lose your package…
Albert or I will give them a call tomorrow to see what happened and if it is truly lost will send you another one free of any charge.
Accept sincere apologies from us, we had to postpone the deliveries of web shop orders to 15th of August.
Yes, yes, seems like something like that had happened.
Sally, truly sorry, although we have already spoken, I hope that you have received your refund.

Hey guys just letting you know my package turned up yesterday. Huge thank you, I’m looking forward to building this.

thx a lot the package arrived today

Glad to hear :slight_smile:,
Have fun making!

And my package arrived this past week in Canada. Looking forward to building it this weekend perhaps! Or sometime in the next week.