Lasercut Custom Nibble Pacman Design

So, I thought it would be cool to try and make a custom design for the Nibble front cover.
I came up with this Retro Pacman design.

Zipped SVG file below. (2.9 KB)


Looks amazing! :slight_smile:

Can we share it on our social media?

-Monika from CircuitMess


And share however you like, just put my name and socials somewhere. :wink:

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Of course, we will! :slight_smile:

Thank you so much! :slight_smile:

I like it keep it up!! You got any for sale if so how much??

pcbway lazercuts by the way


I could make one or more and sell it. Which country/region would it be shipped to?

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No rush just whenever you’re ready. It would be shipped to the United States


Ok, so this is how it works.

Option 1
Ik could send you al the pieces in 4 different colors, yellow, red, green and blue. And you can decide for yourself how you want to combine those. So you have 4 covers then.
You’ll need to glue the ghosts to the second layer.

Option 2
You can also tell me what color combinations u want and and how many covers you would like. I will then already put the cover and second layer together.

Shipping will cost about 15 dollars.
Option 1: Is around 5 dollars + shipping
Option 2 is around 10 dollars + shipping.

Also, the standard cover = 2mm thick, mine are 3 mm. I myself haven’t experienced that as a problem whatsoever.

Still interested?