Replacement charging board [SOLVED]

Can I buy a replacement usb charging board - my ne is broken.
Thanks powertower.

Yes, you can but you have to contact us directly via since the community members do not sell charging boards (I guess?).

I’ll check when I get home, but I’m pretty sure that I have a spare charging board (I bought a second hand kit last month that had some components missing and some duplicates!). If you direct message me on Twitter (@andyhighnumber), I’ll see if I can help. If I can find it (will check later today) and you live somewhere I can post it to cheaply, you can have it for free.

Many thanks for the offer. I live in the UK and I’ve ordered a spare from the supplier. If you still want to send it my address is
Hillfield House The Old Rectory

Hiya - ok, well I’ve found the board now, so can easily send it. But - given that it will be tomorrow before I get to the post office, and you’ve got one on the way from the supplier, is it worth sending still?
Do you know what the lead time will be for you? Seems a bit pointless if two boards turn up at once :wink:

No worries hang on to it I am sure mine will arrive shortly.
Thanks again for the offer
Regards Nigel

Now that I’ve found it, I’ll send it over to you (I’ve stuck it in an envelope now :slight_smile: ) - I’ll pop it in the post this evening so might get to you quicker than the one you’ve ordered, and it’s unlikely that it will ever get used here :slight_smile:

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@Powertower, oops, seems that the community members are full of extra charging boards :slight_smile:

@andyhighnumber, thank you for helping @Powertower out here, you desrve a special virtual badge for this.
Wear it with pride!

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No probs :slight_smile: it should arrive either tomorrow or Thursday Nigel…

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Thanks again for sending the board.
Unfortunately I broke it trying to insert the plug.
The new one is a better design as it has a couple of strengthening tags to resist the insertion force.
They sent me two so if you need one I can send it to you.
Cheers Nigel

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I broke mine as well the first time I plugged in. I managed to fix it though. I carefully aligned the tiny pins and reheated them with a tiny bit of solder. Then I reinforced everything by dropping a ton of solder on both sides of the outer shell of the connector.

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@drye, congrats on the fix and thank you for the helpful diagram :slight_smile:

We’re aware of this flaw and will choose a better connector in the next MAKERbuino revision!


During soldering, a bridge was made between the area of connection ‘IN-’ and the metal casing where the charger is plugged in (the part where @drye put ‘Reinforcement solder’).
Is this going to be a problem (i.e. messing up the connections) or nothing wrong can happen even if the bridge stays there?
Also if the extra solder needs to be removed, does anyone have an advice if it’s possible to remove it without wick or pump?

Thank you

Pump are very low price and very useful. You can always remove it with some desoldering braid or even with a little sponge but it’s hardier. If someone have another tip to help to remove properly solder, you’re welcome…

Dear drye, I‘ve 5 tiny pins there - Did you solder all of them (on the picture I can just see two soldered Pins) . Shall I just solder the two outer pins?
Best, Barney

Only the outer pins matter for power delivery (VCC and GND).