Spencer change voice


Is there any way to change the Spencer’s voice ? for example Female ?

I have found this

“voice”: {
“languageCode”: “en-US”,
“name”: “en-US-Standard-D”,
“ssmlGender”: “NEUTRAL”
“audioConfig”: {
“audioEncoding”: “MP3”,
“speakingRate”: 0.96,
“pitch”: 5.5,
“sampleRateHertz”: 16000

Also when i compile the Spencer’s firmware ( with Arduino ) it shows too many warnings.

Except the warnings after the upload the Spencer is working ok.

Thank you

All current responses are pre generated files stored on Spencer. Take a look at sentences.sh
Changing speakingRate and pitch would change voice. TTS service used is Google speech.
So I suggest take a look for detailed voice and audioConfig options https://cloud.google.com/speech-to-text/

I was looking into speech recognition & speech support for other languages (also not supported by Google, so needed to replace STT service). But that’s out of the scope here.

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Thank you for your answer.

Do you have compiler warnings too ?

First time I compiled using an Arduino IDE I got the following error. Next time the error was gone & was able to upload firmware. Using MacOS.

In file included from ~/Library/Arduino15/packages/cm/hardware/esp32/1.1.0/libraries/CircuitOS/src/Input/I2cExpander.h:2:0,
from ~/Library/Arduino15/packages/cm/hardware/esp32/1.1.0/libraries/CircuitOS/src/Input/I2cExpander.cpp:1:
~/Library/Arduino15/packages/cm/hardware/esp32/1.1.0/libraries/Wire/src/Wire.h: In member function ‘uint16_t I2cExpander::portRead()’:
~/Library/Arduino15/packages/cm/hardware/esp32/1.1.0/libraries/Wire/src/Wire.h:99:13: note: candidate 1: uint8_t TwoWire::requestFrom(int, int)
uint8_t requestFrom(int address, int size);
~/Library/Arduino15/packages/cm/hardware/esp32/1.1.0/libraries/Wire/src/Wire.h:97:13: note: candidate 2: uint8_t TwoWire::requestFrom(uint8_t, uint8_t)
uint8_t requestFrom(uint8_t address, uint8_t size);