1702 voltage regulator

Well hello there :smiley:

1702 voltage regulator, where can I get one in Croatia :smiley: or else :stuck_out_tongue: ?
We just lost one during assembly… :smiley:

I got 78L33ABZ as replacement also i n TO-92 package… but I have a feeling it wont work. :frowning:

so… :smiley: ?
Please advise :smiley:


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I’d guess Chipoteka or Elamtis, but I’d recommend getting one for us - we can sell you one for a minimal price.

About 78L33ABZ - you’ll have to see if the regulator is a low voltage dropout type like the one used in MAKERbuino - this is important since we’re regulating 3.7V to 3.3V and most commonly used regulators won’t be able to handle that

how do I get it from you?
cause; Chipoteka, Elmatis… and others simply dont have it :smile:


you are correct. 78 is bit LDO… :stuck_out_tongue: so it wont work… we will try but… we have same expectations. :slight_smile:

Get in touch with me via direct messages or contact@circuitmess.com, I’ll help you out