2g module + other features stopped working


For some reason my makerphone is no longer recognizing the 2g module, and several other features stopped working as well -speaker no longer plays any sound, and the RGB LEDs only show red color. Wifi works (can’t flash the new firmware though, still have the initial one), all buttons work,The phone worked normally for several weeks, and then this happened for no apparent reason.

Here are the photos:
Front side

Back side

Any ideas what the problem might be?

Thanks in advance,

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Hey Vedran,

Your board and joints look very, very bad!

There is a miracle it worked even in the first place. Both PCB and the component joints are really delicate and should be nearly perfectly soldered in order to work as they should.

Please, fix every solder joint that doesn’t look like one in the photo and try to clean other parts of the main board - there must be no solder remains on it! You can use a brush to do that.

Do that and then get back to me, thanks. :smiley:


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Hi Robert,

I realize it’s not the pinnacle of soldering that’s represented on the images above, however the thing DID work for several weeks :). Can you at least point out which pins might be problematic based on the information which features aren’t working (2g module not recognized, speaker unresponsive, LEDs only shining red)?

I have seen a problem solved before by cleaning flux off the board - judging from the pictures and other comment, this might be a solution. I have an alcohol-based cleaner I use after every solder session and it works a dream. That said, you do have a point: it did work for a long time so it’s unlikely to be a soldering issue unless you made weak joints.


Yes, this seems to be odd, but electronics are tricky - a lot of unexpected things are happening!

Well I would start with the main board, since that is where everything important happens.

Also, what Mike said, all this remaining solder on parts of the board where it’s not meant to be is probably shorting something and causing some functions not to work.

Clean the board as best as you can and fix any bad joint on the main board - that is a start! :smiley:


A cold solder joint can fail at any time.

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