3D house demo (all credit goes to drummyfish)

all credit goes to drummyfish, i updated to function names, and i dont really understand most of the code- but i wanted it to be open to the community :smiley:

Video Demo (sorry it sucks, its hard to stay still, and click btn combinations, it looks alot better in person.)

Controls -
DPAD - change camera view
B + FORWARD/BACKWARD - zoom in/out

files: GitHub - Broskibble/3DHouse-SAF


  1. download all of the files, and put them all in a folder called: “demo3d”
  2. open up the demo3d.ino file in the Arduino IDE
  3. compile it and upload it to your Circuitmess Nibble
    (for more info setting up the Arduino IDE to export to the nibble, check this link: GitHub - snsdosen/NibbleSokoban: Sokoban clone for the CircuitMess Nibble console , and scroll down to the part about how to setup your Arduino IDE so it can export to the Nibble)

Thank you for sharing this with the community! :slight_smile:

Also, great job, @drummyfish!

-Monika from CircuitMess


(also for anyone else, i apologize that the video doesn’t work. I uploaded the wrong link.)