A attempt of trying to recreate game

I stand corrected…

This board is 240Mhz and only 320kb RAM…so, faster, but less RAM to work with, at least, according to the Platform.io board DB.

well we could just use ASCCI or 8bit colours
ASCCI WOULD use alot less ram

I recently took a deep dive into images in Arduino/Ringo apps for another user here:

More to your point, using ASCII versus well-optimized BMP/Sprite images would make the game a little smaller, but as I mention in the post above, BMP/Sprite image is just a BYTE per pixel representation of the color data to create it. 0x0000 is a black pixel. If you strategically leverage the two storage mediums and smart asset slicing - SD for large less frequently changed objects like levels/backgrounds and leveraging sprite layering in a clever fashion & small sprites in PROGMEM for things like your character and animations - you can build a game that is pretty robust in assets without sacrificing too much performance in the process.

I was working on my Pi server and found a MagPi pdf. The magazine is #75 2018.
It talks about writing games in C++ on RPi. It also had tons of python game files.

lol cool :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: