A making of a diy project called makerlaptop/computer

okey so since the ringo comes with everything i would need and so i thought about tinkering around the hardware you get with the ringo and turning it into a small hybrid device it could do things like typical computer stuff but you can also use normal phone stuff and with a little help of some tutorials and my friends i could get a custom firmware to run but i still could double boot through ringo os or my custom os the kit has not arrived yet so i cant show any proof of the thing im working and the 2G card i use from orange they dont have any plans to remove 2G in future so im safe with my 2G ringo model and there are way more 2G phones then 3G


This sounds like a great project! Definitely looking forward to seeing more once you have your kit. I’m going to be working on some things to add to the Ringo OS like expanded support for the WiFi, so you may be able to tap into some of that source or perhaps even utilize my fork of the software in your build. I love to collaborate on projects like that. I’m probably half way around the world from you, but feel free to reach out any time to chat.

okey thanks and im forward to seeing your software fork too

maybe something like

but with Arduino?

Actually, that might be pretty easy to adapt to Arduino. :smirk:

actually im switching to m5stack they also have dialing modules so i can make a phone if i need to call someone bec the faces and things they have are modular like i can make a computer if i want and their extremly cheap only 9 dollars for it