A Physical Therapy Timer App

My wife has been doing physical therapy for a few months and I’d grown tired of counting seconds during an exercise. The Makerphone/Ringo timer app is difficult to use for this because the time must be re-typed each time. So I created this PT-Timer app (in C++) which allows a quick countdown start in increments of 5 seconds up to a minute, at which time it beeps and/or plays a user-defined sound (selected from up to 10 at random). See the source file header for a full description (it’s pretty intuitive, for the most part).

You can download it in this zip file: PT-Timer.zip (724.1 KB) . Just unzip the file and copy the directory PT-Timer to the root of your Makerphone’s SD card (do not rename it… it must be named PT-Timer ). Replace the SD card in the phone, power it up, and among the app icons, you’ll find one that looks like a green hourglass. Run that app and time away. Press B when you’re finished to re-load the Ringo firmware.

In the PT-Timer directory, I’ve included the source code and two sample sounds. You can delete the sounds for only a beep, or add up to 10 of your own sounds (sound0.wav through sound9.wav) to be played randomly (words of encouragement are always nice). If you don’t want the beep, just put a file named “nobeep” in the Pt-Timer directory (it doesn’t matter what’s in the file). The sound files must be 16-bit mono wav files sampled at 44100Hz.


Just got a chance to test this out and it works perfectly. Great job!

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Thanks! I know it has pretty limited application, but I hope a few folks will find it useful. Nothing fancy programming wise.

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Pretty cool @frankprindle!

This is the whole point of the apps - a lot of them are really simple yet effective, the ease of use and functionality is what it’s really about.

You’ve created more than a few so far, I have to say a BIG thank you from the whole CircuitMess team! :smiley: