Add a support category

With the large amount of people receiving their kits recently, there has been a lot of people requesting assistance with fixing both hardware and software issues(as to be expected with DIY kits), most of these posts have been spread out over a bunch of different categories and I imagine they will be easily lost for people down the line who may experience the same issues but cannot find a solution as there isn’t a singular forum section to search.

Would it not be a good idea to add a “support” category and move all the existing help topics into it to create a sort of repository for issues both ongoing and solved?

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I totally agree with @Dalemaunder
We need a support category to facilitate assistance for hardware and software issues. I see this matter as a primordial and critical one for such a community.

@Dalemaunder I totally agree with you and will create a support category ASAP.
I really value your activity on the forum and have just rewarded you with a virtual badge (YAY!)