Adding PIN lock

I would like to add a pin lock to my Ringo, but when I go to the security section and put in my preferred pin, it tells me to enter my old pin. I have never set a pin before. I use Ting as my service provider


I’m sorry to hear that you’re having trouble with the Ringo.

The old security PIN code that you are asked to input is the same as the PIN used for the SIM card.
Every SIM card must have a default PIN when manufactured, so you should have it written somewhere on the SIM card package you received from Ting.

If it isn’t printed anywhere, then the default PIN for all SIM cards should be ‘0000’ or ‘1234’.

If none of that works, try contacting Ting about what your PIN code is, and they could be of further assistance.

Hope this helps!
-Emil from CircuitMess

1234 worked, thank you!