Adding to the creations gallery

I’m curious if there are plans to let users add games to the creations gallery.

The original gamebuino games gallery has been deprecated, and I can’t log in to edit the gallery anymore. The new gamebuino site allows posting legacy gamebuino games, but they share space with Gamebuino Meta games, and only a couple new Gamebuino/Makerbuino games have been posted. Therefore there’s no longer a single place to find all Gamebuino/Makerbuino programs.

Therefore, I was wondering what the plans are for the makerbuino creations gallery. Is it going to be open for users to add games to, or will it be for a hand-picked list of the “best of the best”? Either option works, but I feel like new games don’t have a way to get the same exposure as older games that appear on the original games gallery.

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@wuuff, that’s a splendid question and the reason the Creations gallery is this empty is that I didn’t have enough time to finish adding games to it.

My Idea was to add most of the games from the old games gallery and generate new snazzy gifs for every game and link the source and credit the author for every single game.

Yes, I do think that some games should be placed above others as “editor’s pick” or something like that because they show the full capabilities of the device.

I am thinking about making the creations gallery closed as in only admins can edit it and add games and supply the page with a submission form where users will be able to submit games and the admins will review them and post them to the creations gallery after that.

What do you think?

Yes it’s better to moderate this place and to let users access only when validated but you should think to ad H in your worksdays :wink:

you should think to ad H in your worksdays :wink:

I should add Hydrogen to my workdays?

Well, if you add a separate editor’s pick section, then it may not be necessary to gate off submission of games. If you do have a review process, you might need some kind of policy about what makes a game good enough. If it’s only determined by an admin’s personal feelings, then some people might feel like it’s unfair if their game is rejected.

I’m not sure of the best approach here because I do like the idea of a curated gallery. However, somehow the original Gamebuino gallery had a decent average quality, possibly because it required (a small) extra effort by people to figure out how to add games, which might have made it self-moderating.

I think that having a gallery open to anyone may encourage people to post their games, and a separate editor’s pick section can provide a curated list. I also don’t think that forum posts alone are good for posting games because games get buried in other posts and game posts only have the title instead of screenshots. I’m guessing a lot of people only play the games on the original game card and don’t search for new games, and those that do would only look at the games gallery. Perhaps only a small percentage would be looking for games on the forums.

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I appreciate your feedback on this, I’ll finish the creations gallery ASAP and will keep you posted on the progress.