Anarch, Doom-like game


I’ve just got my Ringo for Christmas and I’ve ported my game Anarch to it. It is a completely public domain FPS game inspired by games like Doom and Wolf3D, made from scratch and to be very portable. Here is its website.

To port it I just had to write a small frontend (fewer than 200 LOC). I wanted to use EEPROM for saving progress, but that somehow didn’t work (I think the firmware uses it), so it’s using the SD now. Also I’ve noticed that even though the TFT library accepts 565 colors, it displays them as 332, so the colors are a bit distorted when compared to other versions. The sound only plays beeps as I didn’t find a simple way to play sounds from memory, the sound lib can only play wav files. FPS is set to 35, even though I think it could go higher. I think the port could be improved, but I am pretty lazy and don’t like developing for Arduino, so if anyone feels like it, you can do it :slight_smile:


download binary
source code


This is awesome, @drummyfish! I’m very impressed by what you achieved here-- not only with Anarch but with raycastlib and related projects like small3dlib. I am enjoying Anarch a lot, it runs surprisingly smooth and really shows what the Ringo is capable of. I look forward to playing the Linux and Meta versions as well. Cheers :slight_smile:

@drummyfish Wow, this is amazing.

Would you be able to port this to our Nibble game console?

We can send you a free unit and could perhaps preload this game on every unit if you’d be ok with that

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Where can I find instructions on how to play? That is, what each of the buttons do, etc. It’s not terribly obvious just pressing buttons at random. Can’t figure out, for example, how to switch knife to something else.

COOL! Awesome! This rocks!

Thank you!

arrows (also buttons 1-6): movement
A (also 8): game A button, shoot, confirm
B (also 9): game B button, hold to strafe
7: game C button (with other keys can switch weapons etc.)
*: map
#: jump
0: menu
func left/func right: change weapons

The HW specs are more than enough, the game just needs 3 buttons besides arrow keys, so if the menu button can be used by the game then yes. Not sure if there is an emulator, you’d have to wait until I buy this, which probably won’t be soon, however, doing the port is really pretty easy as I designed it exactly for portability, so anyone can do it. You only need to write a few lines of frontend like this and compile only that single file with Arduino IDE, that’s it.