Antenna alternatives

Hello everyone,

During the build, i accidentally broke the antenna sticker connector of the 4g module.
Are there any cheap viable alternatives around in order to substitute it?
At the moment I’m using a router bar from an old modem with the u.fl connector.



Well the antenna doesn’t look that bad.

Are you sure that you’ve broke it and not just de-attached it?

The small round connector is a bit hard to fit back, but it should be no problem with a little push (you have to connect it to the Network module).

Try that and if it doesn’t work we’ll talk further.


Yup, Im quite sure its broken - i have the wire in my hand and the sticker attached to the case =D
Connector is fine.

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Pretty sure something like this would work, hey @robertCM?

Perhaps google “4g antenna sticker” and look for a radio shop near you.

We cannot really vouch if any of the alternative parts will work - you can try but it’s completely up to you.

However, we can send you a replacement one, for a couple of $ + the shipping costs.

That way you’ll get a working one 100%!

If you’re up for it, send me your details (full name, address, email) in DM as well as your exact SIM module version and we can continue our conversation there.


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