Antenna Booster mod

Place this radio antenna on the screw by the Ringo antenna.
Then place the wire in the upper screw hole. If you’re getting Signal: 4 - You should see 5-10. If you got 10 before, you should get around 25-30.
The length of the antenna makes little difference-stay within range. Try to point it toward your signal.

Parts List:
1x Radio Antenna
1x Copper wire coil
2x Crimp on Ring Tongue (may require hazards)
1x Larger fit screw for ring tongue - due to length
1x Weld/Adhesive - threads
1x Cable tie - antenna placement

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So you’re finally able to get the signal inside your house? :slight_smile:

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This is what it should look like when installed. If your cover breaks, fill it with clear loctite.

From 11-20. It’s enough to use SMS inside the house. Before mod, I’d have to go to the island to catch tower for the local 25. Now, I can get 25 just by leaving the house.

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I found that the extended antenna doesn’t seem to help much.
You can scrap that by unscrewing it from the antenna.

It works by physically pointing toward the signal. This is alright if you can find the source. However, this does not strengthen the connection.

Tests show that the closer you are to the signal, the weaker the receiver. One thing to bear in mind is that the stronger point is at the receiving end. That means the signal must reach its destination from a weak link to a long thick piece of sheet wire. It’s worse when you buy a solid steel radio antenna. The best antenna will be hollow.

Instead, I am working on putting together an additional professional mod for the antenna mod. (It’s not a new model, it’s a modification of the receiver end that wires to the screw points in the “case”.) Also, this mod is only necessary because of the solid antenna made of hard steel.

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