Audio HTTP Streaming in Spencer?

Hey, I currently have the Spencer Esp32 board and I am trying to add streaming functionality to it. Currently, I have a youtube search server and stream (Any format with ffmpeg) via HTTP1. I’m trying to figure out how to add commands and start a stream…
Currently, I have a few endpoints for my API.

MP3 Stream:
WAV Stream:

Is it possible to play these files via Spencer?
Thank you!
~ Jairus Tanaka

I would love to see this implemented as well. For my Spencer, I’d also love to a “radio” function, where I can say, “Spencer, turn on the radio,” and it will start playing a pre-programmed stream (for me, Radio Paradise:

Is this something that I can implement if I just sit down with the provided source code and tinker, or is it beyond the capabilities of the hardware?

It is possible and the hardware is capable, but we have never tried it. If you manage to get something up and running, please tell us

Sounds good, @albertgajsak!
@Chuckaluphagus ! Yes, a radio would be great. I would want a Kpop stream ( and youtube searching and streaming is my next goal. I know spencer uses ESP8266 audio, but I’m still having problems implementing it. ESP8266 Audio