Instead of asking a question, I’ll just say what I did in comment-style.

Converted tons of audiobooks to 44100 WAV

loaded SD card

only 2 worked for a minute

decided to fix it

used VLC to convert them

VLC works…

reload card

audiobook audio is missing from files again

stopped working on computer

what is happening

reconverted a different way

all files play 20secs


I’m guessing there is a limit beyond 100kb of storage?
I was still having OS loading issues then. However, can’t tell if it was file sizing or the USB project.
At one point I even got an entire 100mb to play.

Guess I have to choose my chapters :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

It seems there might be a limit… I have one 30min working.
It’s weird, because there are a few 4min songs.

Now that I look over this project…I realize I spent an entire day of time trying to write nonstop to a tiny SD card. Lol

Only upload one at a time, folks :joy:

Oh, well, we have a conclusion then! :smiley:

Get a bigger SD Card maybe? That may fix things!

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It was fixed, and then it mysteriously deleted 2/3 of the books again. One read is all it took. Music wavs never do this…so I thought it was super strange that a large file makes a difference. It’s 10mins in difference.

My final conclusion is that the card and phone software can only handle one 30 minute chapter of one audiobook.
I will not be appending this conclusion because arguing with this science at this point would be pointless. I’ve tried everything to get two to run, but the last 5 minutes always fail. It will also do mysterious things if you fill it will too much music too. 3.5 of our cards are unused. Idk where the computer gets what in all of these statements. You would think it doesn’t matter. Jokes on us for trying.

Sorry to hear about this failed experiment.

It is just maybe too much memory for ESP32 to read at once. We’ve never tried such things with that big files - audiobooks never came to our mind! :frowning:

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When I see Ringo/any “phone”, I think MP3 player.
When I see a screen, I think video.