Backlight potentiometer doesn't work


I have completed my makerbuino and potentiometer for backlight doesnt work.
Everything else works fine.
Does someone have a clue what to check or what to do?
I would like to reduce brightnes littlebit.


Hi @mnovina

When you say the backlight doesn’t work, do you mean it doesn’t turn on at all? or is it on full brightness?.
Can you upload any images?.

Backlight is at full brightnes all the time no mather in what posution is potentiometer.

A test wth a multimeter will probably help here. If you can, measure votage between the middle and right, and middle and left pins. The sum should be around 3.3V, the ratio should vary as you turn the potentiometer.

@mnovina, did you manage to solve this?
A couple of pictures of your device’s front and back side would help!

By the way about the potentiometer for backlighting: I think it is a logarithmic one. This is well suited for volume control because perception of sound amplitude is logarithmic. However the perception of lightness is linear, thus a linear potentiometer would be better. The effect is that if you turn the potentiometer halfway, the light is less than half of the luminosity.
The drawback is that it would make the instructions a little bit more complicated. But there would be a way to distinguish them. Usually Audio ones (log) are marked A and linear ones are marked B.