Bad Screen?

Long time hobbiest and EE, received this kit from some friends recently and have loved the build. Screen didn’t pass initial test, but pressing on the metal case snapped things back into place and it started working reliably (so I thought). Following the rest of the build, the screen hardly works at all. The metal shield pops out from the left side of the screen, and with some repositioning and luck I’m able to get it to work part time. Looking for any suggestions or help, and for any input regarding if a similar screen I have on hand from SparkFun is a drop-in replacement. Thanks for any/all help - cheers!

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The screen can sometimes malfunction - those are really old NOKIA screens that are not extremely reliable, and judging by your description, yours is just faulty and a new one would fix things.

We can send you a new one free of charge, but you’ll have to wait because of the shipping, or you can get one for yourself, they are really cheap and you should be able to get them quickly.

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