Bad solder joints / Wheels scraping screws

Not sure if anyone else had issues, but I got the Batmobile Buddy pack and both batmobiles had a bad solder joint.

batmobile #1 had bad soldering on the large red LED on the “fire” board. Solder was just on the wire of the LED and not on the board at all.

batmobile #2 had bad soldering on the connector on the mainboard to connect the front white LEDs. The connector pins on the side made no contact with the mainboard. (There was a small gap between as the connector wasn’t fully flat on the board.

Both were easy to fix (after I found them), but I suggest to look out for similar issues if anyone has issues.

Also, the wheels push in too far on both cars and scratch the screws - if they are pushed in on the axes, then this makes them not turning it (or not reliable). Easy to see if you hold the batmobile upside down and push the remote for going forward (or backward). (Also pay attention to the noise form scraping the screws).

Simple fix is to either sand off a bit of the width of the wheel or use a bit hotglue or something else to fix the wheels in a position where they don’t scrape the screws and are still fixed (by glue) to not fall off.