Battery upgrade/mod

Hey! I’m already looking at my next upgrade to my Ringo, I’m thinking about switching out the battery for a larger unit to get some longer life. I was thinking of designing a modified back to the case design I’m currently wrapping up that would be able to swap in and out 18650 cells so you could charge a couple batteries and have power for a week of use without needing to recharge, just by swapping in new cells. 18650 batteries come in a wide range of capacities and can supply huge currents for future diy hardware expansions :wink: so I wanna know:

Apart from making the battery charge indicator read incorrectly due to different charge/voltage curves between cells, any other reason this could be a bad idea?

I’m a bit concerned about any charging circuitry on Ringo seeing a very different impedance if the phone’s charge port was used to recharge the larger batteries, does the charging system on the phone assume a particular battery size or could it be used to recharge something as large as 3000mAh?

Does Ringo rely on the protection circuitry on the affixed lipo battery? Many available 18650s do not have protective circuitry built into them, it’s never been a problem in my applications but I always check my voltage regularly when using the 18650s. My guess is that it won’t be a problem because li-ion batteries can go to lower cell voltages than lipo batteries and Ringo should shut off anyway if it’s cutoff is based on a measured cell voltage.

Lastly, more for discussion, does anyone else want more battery life? Any other battery types that people prefer? I know 18650s are more vape-oriented but they do have a some serious capacity as a result and they’re pretty tough physically. Could always do a AA battery mod or something but the reward/effort ratio isn’t as obvious to me.

Love to hear your input :slight_smile:

Hey John!

Good idea, it would be interesting to have some extra juice in there. :slight_smile:

I cannot say with too much certainty, but it shouldn’t be a problem if you put a battery with a larger capacities, as long as all of the other characteristics remain the same.

I’m going to check for this information that you’ve requested to be certain, don’t want to tell you something wrong.

Also, 18650s would be an intereting idea, you should just find something that has protective circuitry since we don’t really want any smoke coming out of that one do we. :sweat_smile:

I’ll fill you in a bit more later.