Boite mail et internet basic

voila petite questions,j’ai construit mon makerphone cette aprés midi,aucun problèmes tous fonctionne je suis ravis,et je me pose la question pour avoir une utilisation de tous les jours,est-ce possible de creer une application boite mail trés basic,simple et une application navigateur internet trés basic simple??

hey, thanks for supporting our work and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Well… a browser and an email app would be possible but I’ve never even tried to develop one since the main focus of MAKERphone is education.
I’d really love to see someone do this and maybe try to develop something like this with my team, but I don’t think it’s our priority right now since I don’t think most of our users would appreciate this functionality (people tend to crunch emails on their macbooks heh)

merci de votre réponse,je suis d’accord avec vous.merci quand même.