Broken thingy - what is it/how to fix?

Finally getting around to building this thing and discovered that one of these doodads broke off. Anyone know what it is and where I can get a new one? I don’t think I can just solder this one back on as one of the tabby pinny things is broken off, though I’m open to suggestions on how to fix.

Says “CS 100 10v” on it, and there are two on the main board. This one is (was) located down near the Reset button.


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Hello there, :slight_smile:

Please contact me in the DM with your details (full name, address, phone version 2G/4G) so we can send you a replacement board!

We’ll sort this out quickly. :smiley:


Robert, note that the Contact Us link at the top of this page is broken, so it is difficult for anyone to figure out how to contact you other than here.

Hi -

Is there really no way to replace just that bit? I’m happy to buy it myself from a hobby site or something - I just don’t even know how to search it.

I’ve already soldered everything onto the board - you would basically have to send me a whole new kit.

Oh, thanks for telling me this. We’re going to fix it as soon as possible.

There are many ways to contact us usually which can be found all over the forum and our website and we’re really checking those channels often, so wherever you do send a message, you’ll get a reply soon! :slight_smile:

But for everyone who doesn’t know yet, is the go-to email address.



What we’re looking at here is a capacitor, an exact model and everything can be found here.

The problem is, it comes attached to this little plastic which holds it in place and makes it easier to place it on the main board.

I guess it wouldn’t be a problem to get it from a local store and the cost itself should be below a buck, but it is a bit problematic to resolder it.

You could be able to do it yourself, but it’s very, very tricky. Are you up for a challenge? :smiley:


Probably wouldn’t order a DIY phone if I weren’t up for a bit of a challenge, and YouTube makes it look reasonably doable. Thanks for the link - I’ll let you know how it goes.

Capacitors are roughly unimportant.

Got the part from here and got it very quickly.

Soldering was slightly tricky but not too bad - phone works!

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Great! Glad to hear that. :smiley:

Good job! :+1:


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