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Hello everyone, I was wondering if the build guide on the makerbuino website is the only one available or if there’s any other guide or better video tutorial i Can look at. Also is that guide updated? Because I’ve read somewhere that the colours or some wires didn’t match with the actual ones in the package and that someone was going to fix that guide soon.

We are working on a better buildguide, and that should be out soon.


Here is a little preview.
We are still fixing some stuff with the guide, but this is the style idea.
What do you guys think?


I think it’s OK :slight_smile: there is everything

Looks really nice, I am currently reading the old guide… how long will it take until you share this new guide???

I quote Juagicre, when will the new guide be posted? I’ve read the old one, I’m still waiting for my Makerbuino with tools to arrive, but I would like to start reading the guide in advance and get ready to build it!

A few more days.
We are still working on updating it.

Hi guys, has the guide been updated yet? I’ll get my kit tomorrow according to the tracking number, but as I said before, I feel like I wanna wait for a better guide which actually matches the board and stuff, before starting making it. I’ve been reading people complaining cause they made mistakes and screwed it up cause the guide was somehow wrong and not matching the material.

I recommend placing the FTDI jumper (JP2) on the bottom side otherwise the FTDI board cannot be plugged with the console assembled.

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Just a small thing about the guide, which is generally excellent: You often put apostrophes in “its”, like in the following: "It’s main thing is the TP4056 charger integrated circuit (the little black chip on the board).

It’s regulating voltage and current of electricity inputted by the USB port and feeding it to the Li-Po battery."

In cases like that, you should write “its”, not “it’s”. Just trying to be helpful. :slight_smile:

Do you already know when the updated guide will be available? On kickstarter @albertgajsak said he will update it as soon as possible some days ago. We want to build our buinos this week and are thinking whether to wait for the new guide or not… :slight_smile:

Following the build guide that’s currently available should be sufficient, there are a couple of things to remember that aren’t mentioned in it, however.

First, when it tells you to use some wire to solder the Li-Po charging circuit to the main board, just use a couple of the legs that you’ve trimmed off of other components.

Second, when the guide tells you to solder the transistor and voltage regulator, the flat side of each needs to face the white square that’s printed on the board so that they can then be bent down on top of those squares.

Third, the newer version of the kit comes with a couple different resistors, they’ll still be roughly the same value but they’ll look different to the pictures in the guide so you might need to find an online calculator to work out their values first.

If you come up against any other issues while making your kit then have a quick look in the support section of the forum to see if anyone else has had the same problem and ask away if you can’t find anything.

Concerning the resistors, there are a couple of threads on this forum about it.