Build of ByteBoi

This kit was very easy to assemble. I did however, have some problems with the case. While assembling, a lot of unneeded weight started adding up because of the acrylic enclosure pieces. As soon as I had it built per the instructions, I took it apart and modified it to only have 2 panels each side. I flipped the speaker upside down and had it stick to the device and used a bit of double sided tape for the battery. This brought the weight down from ~8oz to ~5.8oz.

I believe a bit more time should have been done on enclosure design. Also would like to see the programming guide ready to go at the same time as the build.


  • You can sand off the sharper edges of the acrylic with 220grit sandpaper to make it a bit nicer on while holding.
  • I placed a sticker of rough Overture “3D print surface” that came free with some filament to cover the wires and battery and give some grip to the back. (since I took off the weight of the acrylic backing)

Processing: IMG_3072.jpg…


  • Software was very well done and worked with no issues.
  • Can load more games from the SD card, (very cool feature not even available/unlocked on Adafruit’s version)
  • Good amount of starting games
  • Very well done PCB layout/outline


  • Heavy case had to modify
  • Buttons are a bit to clickily (loud) and require a good amount of force, more silicone based ones next time?
  • Battery port should be marked the silkscreen is a bit busy and makes it harder to make out parts of the board.
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Hi @DocDoc,

thank you so much for your feedback.

We’ll use it for improving our devices in the future.

Monika from CircuitMess