C64 Emulator

I’m looking forward to someone [smarter than me] creating a C64 emulator for MAKERbuino. I think it would be awesome to have all my C64 games on it!


Yeah that would be pretty awesome!

Is that even possible? C64 has 64KB of RAM as opposed to the 2KB of the MAKERbuino, also the resolution is higher on the C64 (320 × 200@16 colors vs. 84x48 pixels monochrome).

I also do not think this could work. The hardware is simply too weak and the display resolution is to low. And you also have to remember that the most C64 games needs a keyboard to be playable.
Besides the resolution a Atari 2600 emulator would be conceivable. But I don’t think that the M.Buino is the right platform for emulation. If you are more into this you should take a look at the whole Raspberry Pi handheld projects that are now growing (the Raspiboy for example).

C64 would only be possible with a serious hardware modification.
The PocketCHIP can handle C64 Emulation, so that may be worth looking into

Yeah MAKERbuino’s hardware is far too weak for emulating such system.
Fun fact: people say that for good emulation you’ll usually need 10 times more RAM compared to the system you’ll going to emulate.
Yep, a Raspberry Pi or a CHIP could emulate that but for MAKERbuino we’ll have to stick with games written especially for the MAKERbuino.

Although, a guy over at the Gamebuino forum tried to make a CHIP-8 emulator:

P.S. If you haven’t noticed, MAKERbuino is Gamebuino compatible and was in fact developed in collaboration with the creator of Gamebuino - Aurelien Rodot

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There is in fact a 6502 microprocessor emulator for the UNO - and Someone has ported the Microchess Game over to it.

(It’s a fun game to play, but you have to play on it’s terms LOL)
I think it uses most of the memory of the UNO to do this, so porting it over to the Makerbuino or Gamebuino would be a lot of work - I’m not sure if even it is possible.
I think there are some other 6502 games that were ported to the emulator (not sure about that - Chess was the one I came across).

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Yes, it’s can be possible to write games for Makerbuino from games of the C64 but it’s can be alot works as you have to make the graphics, recreate the program. But if you finish it, you will be happy to have do your own version and alot people could have fun with your game :wink:

Don’t forget that the Gamebuino library uses a non negligible part of the resources. There’s no dedicated chip for graphics and sound.

Well, somebody figured it out already - https://the64.computer/about/

There’s no explanation of the hardware though.

As allgray wrote it before “with serious modifications of the hardware”, it’s can be hard but done, but it’s a real big project even you use some informations from other projects and starting from scratch with a Raspberry could be a better choice (you can connect usb controller to play, you can connect it to the TV, you have more RAM, the processor is quickest, asw.). It’s why trying to only trying to port a game can maybe be a more realistic project. (And it’s can already be a very good challenge)

Comparing an ATmega 328-based Arduino and a Raspberry Pi is like comparing a bicycle with a sports car. There is a huge difference.

Adapting a game is possible indeed. :slight_smile: