Call ended

Hi, I am Stephan from Germany. I just finished my Ringo Phone (I gave it to me myself for Christmas), but I have problems to make calls. I use a T-Mobile SIM from my iPhone (so I know it‘s working). Ringo does find the network (signal strength 20), but I only can call one number - my wife‘s mobile phone number. Every other telephone number I call - with or without the +49 for Germany) is terminated directly after starting the call. The display show „call ended“ and that‘s it. It makes no difference if I type in the number directly or if I use „contacts“.
My Ringo is equipped with the SIM800 = 2G, I updated via WiFi to firmware 1.0.5. All solderings look good, I double-checked it.
Wht can I do to make my Ringo work - it‘s to expensive to throw it in the trash.
Best regards, Stephan

Hi, I am sorry that you’re having issues with your Ringo.

Please reach out to us via

Include photos of your Ringo’s front and back PCB side along with any relevant info on your issue and we’ll help you out.

Thank you