Can i use a different atmega328p chip in a makerbuino?

I have a makerbuino and i somehow damaged the atmega328p-pu and i have some spare atmega328p-u chips and i was wondering if i could use those instead of a p-pu because i cant find anyone with those in stock. If its not compatable i was wondering if this chip would work.
@albertgajsak Would i be able to do this?

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Hey @Grantrocks,

sorry for the late reply!

As we can see, you managed to fix this problem! We are so glad to hear that. :slight_smile:

Keep making!

OK so i got it working but now after playing bomber, the screen went blank while playing and i turned it off and back on and that didnt help and then i tried the c reset function but that didnt work. So i re-burned the atmega chip and that didnt work either. So then i replaced all the files in the sd card and reformatted it and that also didnt work and now i just have a blank screen.

I would try with small steps. Can you write a simple sketch for Arduno Uno/Nano (same microcontroller) which sends a message to serial port each second and see if that works?

Do you want me to reflash the bootloader with the arduino one?

You can if you want, just try to see if the chip works.

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i know the chip works it was working yesterday and then i played the game bomber and while trying to exit the screen went blank. I was able to program it again. Also i think that it now it may be the crystal. I replaced it yesterday though. Im at school so i will have to wait to measure its frequency

Ok i think i got what keeps happening. I think that my 16mhz crystals keep failing.

yup it was the crystal. NP guys i keep getting crappy 16mhz crystals and they keep getting messed up. Just checked it with a multimeter. Wasnt getting any response