Chatter 2, arduino compiling

Edit, i installed the 2 circuitmess board files, and now im missing “chatter2.h” and possibly more still.

Hi, I downloaded rhe chatter 2 firmware from the link ( GitHub - CircuitMess/Chatter2-Firmware ) and opened the “Chatter2-Firmware.ino” file in arduino ide and tried compile it, but I get errors saying that it can’t locate CircuitOS.h and some other .h files. I looked inside the folder structure from that firmware link above, but I dont see a “CircuitOS.h” file anywhere.

Are we sure this is the correct and complete firmware for the chatter 2? If so, where can i find the rest of the libraries?

The end goal i have is to be able to open the code in arduino ide, make some edits, and recompile/upload.

Thanks gor the help!


@Nikguy hey, thank you for supporting our work, I really appreciate it.

We are currently supporting CircuitBlocks as the official way of coding CircuitMess products and cannot fully assist with the compilation and setup on other IDEs such as Arduino IDE.

We’re a small team with only a handful of programmers designing all of our products, I hope that you understand.

You can code your Chatter via CircuitBlocks here:

If you still want to give compilation in Arduino IDE a try, you can locate all of CircuitMess’s code repositories here:

CircuitOS is a dependency used by many of our products, and you can find it here: