Circuit modules - A favored product via polling

I have been running a public poll for various subjects related to lab projects I’ve been working on. They have not remained vague as intended. My original polls were related to science community and space exploration. The main focus has been concentrating efforts to improve sensor, communications, and matter synthesizers. During the conclusion, the Alpha 2.0 module was conceived.
The Alpha 2.0 is the easiest variant of scanners produced thus far. A module comprised simply of 5v, GND, and Output are vanilla to the original concept. The poll became a list of suggestions that included EMP shield casing and Arduino compatibility. The module would then become a small tin box with 3 pins.

The idea of this design has made a lot of sense to me lately. I’ve been seeing more kits that have less than commercial origins. You might find etsy an interesting idea, but you can also find homebrew kits of many things on eBay. The crystal radio I just made started out as a homebrew kit. Many of the parts in the kit are already in my lab. It isn’t the assembly that makes it so interesting to me.
This scanner module started out very simple, but now I plan to build them for myself. The fact it can be plugged in, and it’s small, with a simple design makes it ideal for development.
However, the output could easily be two pins. It’s a very good idea to add another GND pin for the output. I’ve been modifying different wires for my individual lab needs, but they could easily be components. These components could be simple. They could be lights or buzzers.

The overall idea has a very nice conclusion. These modules could be universal systems. These “make-blocks” could be plugged into any type of modular system. I would be proud to see the Circuitmess version. If phones can be modules, so could Arduino like devices - and they are cheaper. Individual components (lights or buzzers) can also be made to accompany these modules or the final system.

It was actually one of the wishes from one of the suggestions. One person believed the Alpha 2 should be converted into a modular device. The power, scanner, and TTL subsystems could be modified to include other modules. Those modules could read things that don’t react to RF. Things like CO2 sensors or other air-like reading pieces. The following “tricorder” could then possibly be based on this modular system.
This system would be of great benefit if we built a universal Arduino.
The universal Arduino could have a place for a screen, a line of inputs, and a few output (component) pins. If redesigned correctly, it would be possible to leave it to the programmer to what this system becomes. The UNO and Mega, and etc have very specific needs. They aren’t exactly ready to plug something in and go.
The real world alternative is the M5 Stack (or Ben Heck something).
Do we want to leave these commercial opportunity to expensive, complicated, Chinese toys?

Then again, this modular system could be more hassle than it’s worth.
Let me know what you think about the modules or components in the comments.