CircuitBlocks installs Arduino IDE

The CircuitBlocks installer does not take into account, that there might be an Arduino IDE installed via the Microsoft Store. In that case you end up with two seperate Arduino IDEs installed.
Not a big issue, but it’s something you might want to fix.

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Yes, that’s true and it’s because Arduino also doesn’t take into account that there might be an Arduino IDE installed via the Microsoft Store! (Sounds very stupid but it’s true) :man_facepalming:

Arduino App and Arduino IDE are two completely different programs and have nothing in common when installed on your system, including the installation and file directories, which means that you have to install all the board files and updates twice if you want to use them both.

CircuitBlocks is based on Arduino CLI, which is a base of the Arduino App (not the Microsoft Store version) and it will only detect that one if it’s already installed on your system.

So yeah, thank you for the heads up, but we all might want to wait up for the Arduino IDE makers to do something about it first. :-1:


Is there a simple Windows installer or executable? Some of us hate command line anything, Python, etc.

@JimDrew Well yes, there are actually ONLY executable files for windows ->

Just click on CircuitBlocks-1.0.1.-Windows.exe.


Thanks… I did not realize there was an actual link for releases through Github. For those that are reading this and could not find the /releases/ directory on the Github site look at the top bar that shows “Commits - Branches - Releases - Contributors”. Click on the Releases link.


I have three Arduino IDEs already installed. That’s because one of them requires the program to correctly use one of my robots. It’s a weird driver issue.

Yeah, we also all have installed several Arduinos and pretty much all of them have the same libraries and packages installed - just on different locations!

It sucks to have several GBs of SAME files occupying the C: drive, but nobody really wants to go to battle with that and rearrange everything so it works from one folder.

We love Arduino, but sometimes…

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That’s exactly why we use it. Don’t loose sight of how import Arduino is in this world…with everything going on. We finally have some control in our life.

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Of course, but it can always be better. :slight_smile:

We need to strive for greatness, as they say!

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