CircuitBlocks program issues

I was able to get the Wheelson “Blinky” program working without issues. Circuitblocks version v1.5.0

Unfortunately the rest have problems…

  1. “Driving” program states “The Variable driving has been first assigned to the “Boolean” type and this block tries to assign the type “Null”!” After uploading the robot never moves.

  2. “Ball Tracking” and “Marker Tracking” programs both have a similar issue. After uploading the Wheelson board keeps rebooting in a endless fashion. Though it seems during the few seconds they are attempting to run the program. This is odd as the battery is fully charged and the problem does not present itself when the original firmware is reloaded. Tried just flashing the firmware with Arduino but same issue appears.

Any guidance on getting these demos working would be appreciated.

Also, the robot often overshoots when tracking the provided blue ball can you show where to change the speed variable in the firmware to 30-50% motor speed. Or if there is a PID control loop to tweek.

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Hi DocDoc,

thank you so much for bringing attention to that issues.
We will look into it and fix all the issues for our next release.

Monika from CircuitMess