Coding Audio In Spencer

I am currently in possession of a Spencer GPT, and I have a lot of fun coding many things on it. The only thing bothering me is that I am unable to find a way to make Spencer emit sounds. I do not know the code for this in the "Written" section of coding, and there isn't any way to do it in the "Block" section of coding. It is a shame that I programmed a nice game, but I'm unable to add sound, even though Spencer has a speaker, and can communicate if using the default pre-written code. If possible, can you please help me?

Hi Ivan,

thank you for reaching out. For more complex projects like that, you will need to use Arduino IDE when programming your device.

Install the latest version of Arduino IDE, go to File β†’ Preferences, and add this URL under Additional board:

Then, in Boards Manager (under Tools β†’ Board), type in CircuitMess and install the CircuitMess ESP32 Boards package. Afterward, you can go to Tools β†’ Board β†’ CircuitmMess ESP32 Boards and select your device.