Coding ByteBoi on C++

I am not sure how I can upload a game onto my ByteBoi as the microSD card only contains .bin files.
I am also unable to code C++ on CircuitBlocks.
Am I missing something?

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Hey @CJ5716,

thank you for reaching out.

You would have to make your files binary to put them on the ByteBoi SD card.

Also, you can code in C++ in CircuitBlocks. Open CircuitBlocks after connecting ByteBoi to the PC, click on New Sketch, and choose ByteBoi and code.
After choosing that, the C++ coding window should open.

Iā€™m sending you photos of what it should look like.

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us.


Thanks for the advice! I did not notice that I could change the sketch type.

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No problem!

Any other question pops up, feel free to contact us! :slight_smile: