Coding in Microsoft makecode

Hi have anyone tryed Coding in Microsoft makecode

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I never tried it, but if you’re going to do something like that, I’d be very interested in your feedback :slight_smile:

I was hoping that someone else who knew what they were doing had tried it.
I have just got a BBC Micro:bit and found the coding in the MakeCode Block very easy,
and wondered if the Block programming could be employed on my Makerbuino?

Hey, it may be possible but we didn’t have the time to make it work as we’ve invested all of our time and energy in the release of MAKERphone:

The MAKERphone will natively support graphical coding in a Blockly-like programming environment and we might deploy that to MAKERbuino too, but I really don’t know when it’ll happen

My son is very interested in your MakerWatch and MakerPhone projects. As too am i. So if you have any availability left for beta testers for any of your new projects, please can you consider him for any of these. He really enjoyed building his Makerbuino, and has learnt a great deal from it. He even found the fault finding rewarding, if you recall we had bought one of your first 100 kits recently from ebay?

Kind regards

Mitsuperboy’s Dad

Hey, thank you for your interest.

I am sorry, but we’ve kind-of frozen the makerwatch and are focusing on delivering the MAKERphone.