Coding options?

Hello, I am seriously considering buying myself a Makerbuino for christmas because I’d love to build it and would like to code some very simple games.

My question is twofold:

1: What are the coding options for making games for it? are there other options than c and python as both are pretty much beyond me (I’m still coding in basic)
is there anything like game maker studio for it or a very simple basic-like language I can use?

2: I’m wondering if there is possibly a version with a larger screen? I’m not sure my old eyes can cope with such a tiny screen and if there is a large option then I’d like to know.

Thank you

Hi @PaulFoster,

Thanks for your questions!
We don’t sell MAKERbuino anymore since we upgraded it and launched a new version of it just a few weeks ago. It’s called Nibble and you can learn more about it here.
In this case, you can code in CircuitBlocks, a graphical code editor that we developed and implemented for Ringo and Nibble. You can code in blocks or switch to a real code whenever you feel like it.
If compared to MAKERbuino, Nibble has more storage, a larger screen that’s in color :wink:, can be coded in CircuitBlocks, and has a stronger processor, so I’m sure you’ll enjoy it!

-Marija from CircuitMess

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