Communication problems!

Hi there!

I just want to make sure there is a problem with communication between you and MAKERbuino team, which dont want to help you if you have any problems or just I have problems with this?

I have bought makerbuino kit 3 months ago after 2 months i realized to cancel the order so I have send them e-mail where I wrote them about the problem and they told me it is fine they DONT HAVE ANY PROBLEM with this and they can return my paid money back with canceling the order. After that day they STOP communicate with me I have sent them a lot of e-mails where I asked how its going on with it because last email which they sent me was:
"Hello Adam,

We are very occupied with the shipping and orders, i will try to
provide you with a full refund today.
If not, i will get to you this evening so you are aware of the current

Domagoj from MAKERbuino."

I recieved the e-mail 6.7.2017 that was last e-mail and after they stop answering on my e-mails! Today is 24.7.2017 and I ask again: Where is the problem? I just want to highlight that they have my 53 euro and I still dont have any answer or any item from makerbuino kit I bought! I would like to read your opinion on this topic in comments.

PS: I am sorry for my bad grammar in english.
Your sincerely Adam Tkac

I think everyone is having the same issue… It’s like they are just avoiding everyone!!!.. :smirk:

They definitely need to make progress on communication and customer care. They are new in the business, let’s wait.