Comparison request for Pygamer to Makerbuino

I’d like to first mention that I don’t currently own a Makerbuino or a Pygamer by Adafruit. I have a Ringo. I went to school for programming, and most of what I know is self taught. I program in C/Arduino, Java, and Python. I have countless microcontrollers, SBCs, and maker projects lying around my office.
The reason I think this is a good and important topic is because I designed a project that required the prototype Makerphone. Circuitmess could probably use the reference to improve their makerline. The closest item on the market is the Pygamer. For unrelated American-political reasons I disdain Adafruit. I needed 3 key attributes in my design (micropython, color tft, and i2c). However, Ringo no longer has the ease of a microcontroller, and it does not match my design. To clarify, Pygamer is not in the shape of a Nintendo Gameboy. However, it fits my needs and at some point I plan to port my project to the latest compatible Makerphone in the future.
There should be some comparison between the two. The most important to me is the color screen. I believe Circuitmess will release a controller that matches all of my needs for this project.
If you own a Pygamer or both, please reply. I’d like to know more about them before I spend too much. For now, I guess I’ll read about them.