Compile error. Check your code then try again

CircuitBlocks wont compile anything I give it. Compile error. Check your code then try again.

#include <MAKERphone.h>

int Var;

MAKERphone mp;

void setup() {

  Var = 1;


void loop() {

  while (Var < 10) {
    Var += 1;



That is very odd. I just tried the same code and it works like a charm.
Can you maybe try re-installing CircuitBlocks? Or starting a new project?

Does the error appear as soon as you click run or after some time?


Same issue here. I tried reinstalling CB (1.0.2) on my Mac, starting a new sketch, etc. The error appears basically as soon as I hit "Run’.

Possibly worth pointing out: I already had Arduino, and the CircuitMess board support, etc., installed. My other Mac, which didn’t have the other things installed first, can compile – but then, that Mac is the one that always says the phone is disconnected.