Compile errors on nibble

Hello, I just made my Nibble and I have seen tutorials of C/C++.
I am using the code version, because there’s no lists/arrays in the block code.
I’m not that good, so I’m getting compile errors lots of the time. Is there a way that I can see where I went wrong in my code? Like a thing that shows up on the line(s) of code with error?

Hey there! Glad to hear CircuitBlocks inspired you to switch over to C/C++ programming, even if that was because of the shortcomings of block programming :slight_smile:

In the current version, for the sake of simplicity, compile errors aren’t displayed anywhere, but we’re adding that feature in the next version of CircuitBlocks which will launch with the next STEM Box product - Wheelson. That should be in about two weeks time from now, and CircuitBlocks will update automatically once the new version is released.

In the meantime, you can try using the Arduino IDE, just make sure you’re compiling your sketches for the appropriate device (selectable under Tools -> Board). If CircuitMess devices are missing from the menu, you can install them following the manual installation steps on

Happy tinkering!

Thank you for the help! :smiley:

@8-bit_noob you’re welcome! :slight_smile: