Completed the MAKERbuino kit yourself? We want to know

Makerbuino works great. Took 21 minutes to build start to finish. Thanks!

Only complaint is it has the loudest buttons I have ever heard in my life… lol.

Finally got it working after a minor setback! I’m so happy! :smiley:


After a bit of drama, it’s working xD. Planning to confuse the commuters on my train (in the UK, on my way to London) with it playing blocksbuino tomorrow.

hoping to sometime translate beeptunes to it (

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@gazzat5, congrats on your build! :slight_smile:

Oh and I’d love to see (and hear) the beeptunes on the MAKERbuino so keep us posted :slight_smile:

This is a great kit and instructions are easy to follow. Everything worked first time and I’m now looking forward to programming it!


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More photos (As a new user I can only post one image per post and only 3 posts to a topic)

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@Rabbit80, congrats on your build and I’ll see you around at the forum :slight_smile:
Oh, and you’ve just earned some snazzy badges :smile:

I carried on with the build not realising that I had screw up the first step.

@George_Weller, I am sorry for the problems that you’re experiencing.

I’ve answered to your other post here:

CircuitMess managed to fix my mistake and it works perfectly! :grin:

Neat, I’m really glad that your console works now! :slight_smile:

Thank you for your patience and support!

I’m done building my MAKERbuino, and it works! I’m super happy with the results :slight_smile:

hey Blurpy,

Welcome to the community and thanks for supporting our work!

Congratulations on a successful the build, your MAKERbuino looks awesome! :slight_smile:

Here’s a neat badge for you!

Thank you Albert :smiley:

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No probs, man! See you around at the forum :slight_smile:

It was a while since I build it, but here is a photo.

Wow, neat markings!

You certainly did a better job than me in labeling every function of the device :slight_smile:

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Thanks, and did you see the small white dots (to visualize the volume and backlight setting)
That’s the latest addition.

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I see them now. Bravo! :slight_smile:

I might even implement something like this in a future kit iteration