Connector for breakout pads possible?

Since the Makerphone final design eliminated the i2c connector(s), has anyone figured out how to add a connector to the main board’s 7 breakout pads (bottom right) so that an i2c device/bus could be plugged in when needed, but would not interfere with the use of the phone when not in use. The goal is a connector that would not protrude from the bottom of the phone, would fit in the very tight space available (above or below the board), and could be installed on a finished phone (i.e. without removing the brain board). It looks pretty impossible to me :frowning_face:


@frankprindle I suggest you connect your i2c device directly to the connector with some wires

We’ll look into bringing a more elegant i2c breakout solution in our future kit iterations, thank you for your feedback


Is it possible to use this breakout - pins also as GPIO to connect to an Arduino, or other hardware (to read sensors as input, or control stuff as output). Means = use the Ringo as an (quite smart and networked) interface to physical computing?

That’s exactly what I2C is for. If you go to (and I’m sure elsewhere) you’ll find very many sensors and controls that will sit on an I2C bus. You would access such devices by using the Arduino wire library.

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Thnx, Frank! Gonna search for that, because I want to test the Ringo with domotics and wearables :slight_smile:

Feel free to experiment and share your results!

I’m sure everyone is eager to see what it can all be done with Ringo. :slight_smile:


Certainly will do :slight_smile: But for know, I have to learn how to connect it (with what piece, to what hardware exactly - preferring not to buy sensors, but communicating with Arduino/RASP). Suggestions?

Depends on what you want to do exactly.

Have some clear idea in mind? :slight_smile:

A good question. To be true, only vague ideas.

  • wearable = For example, a glove with flex-sensors, accelerometer, read by Arduino Nano. Would connect to Ringo to monitor values. The readout could look like in yodas FxSynth.
  • domotics = would use a RASP to read temperature, activate irrigation, and the Ringo could be like the central control from the dormitory (with the UI, RGB LEDs as indicator lights, & sending and receiving SMS to control).
    Internet not always works at my home, sometimes I have to disconnect the router to reactive wifi. If I have to do this not being home, it wouldn’t be able to do it online, so an old-school SMS to activate a relay in order to interrupt the current would be handy.
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