Creating a .bin file but having trouble to add it as an app


I am a beginner with arduino and I understand how to create, upload a script, try it on the phone and create a bin file.

The issue is that when I follow the steps of the tutorial ( ) and reset my makerPhone, I can’t see the icon of the new app.

For example I copy the folder of Pong, change the color of the icon and call it “Pong2”.

Does anyone knows what step I’m missing ?

Thank you for your help !

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Hey, :slight_smile:

Can you please take a screenshot of your SD card when inserted into a computer?
Please send a screenshot of all of the folders and a screenshot of a newly made folder.


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Hi, thank you,

Here are the screenshots :



It’s a script that calculate Pi :

Do you need something else ?


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Hello there,

Please just name the .bin the same as the folder. In this case it would be ‘Pi.bin’ and everything should work properly! :slight_smile:


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Thank you for your quick responses Robert ! It works perfectly after a reboot of the phone :smiley:
I feel silly ^^
I can’t wait to create my own app now

Have a nice week,