Develop Games


I wish to start developing a small game for the Makerbuino, but not sure where to start. That is, I saw something about something called a “Simbuino”. Is that the Emulator to use to develop games? Can I code in C and upload in a more direct way? I also remember something about hex files.

What I am basically asking is there any application to use to develop games, or can i do it in for example Atmel Studio?

Appreciate any answer :slight_smile:

On the site of Arduino, you’ll find a tools to program. It’s very helpfull and you can load directly the program in your Makerbuino to test it using the serial / USB additionnal module

Yes simbuino is an emulator and yes you can use it to develop makerbuino games…
Makerbuino is based on GAMEbuino, all the games on your makerbuino sd card are from GAMEbuino.

You code the games using the Arduino IDE and code in C.

Here are some links:
GAMEbuino reference - link
Getting Started guide - link
Games and source code - link