Documentation for curcuitblocks

Can you point me to a complete list of circuitblocks functionality, please? I’m wondering if it’s possible to read data into the device locally and send SMSes/ data depending on that input. Similarly, it’d be great if it’s possible for the device to receive say an SMS, that triggers outputs on the GPIO. Thanks!

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Hey @mikeatkinson,

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Hi @mikeatkinson, thank you for joining the forum.

We do not have a documented list of functionalities, but you can download CircuitBlocks here and examine the implemented functions:

Thanks. I’m a bit perplexed at your answer to be honest. Are you able to confirm whether the device can send SMSes programmatically, and whether it can trigger running of programs on receipt of an SMS, please? I’d like an explicit answer, as if I can’t see those features mentioned I won’t know for sure whether they’re available and not documented, if they’re available but I didn’t see the relevant section, or if they’re not available. Thanks!


You cannot send SMS messages or receive SMS messages through CircuitBlocks.

Thank you for your understanding