Downloading the game on Nibble

Hi guys! Here in the society there is a homemade shooter for Nibble. I tried to upload it to the console for an experiment, but nothing happened. Can you tell me how to upload a game file to Nubble? I connect Nubble via a USB cable to a PC, but the system does not see it as a disk. I.e., it does not work to copy the game file to it as to a USB flash drive. How do I install the game on the console? Thanks.

I found the topic “Can’t upload to Nibble”. I will try to do the actions using the Circuitmess software.

how do i upload stuff

Hello there!

Nibble doesn’t have USB mass storage capabilities which would allow you to drag-and-drop games onto it. Instead, you’ll have to use a programmer software to flash the device. I’ll add a game upload feature to our CircuitBlocks to-do list to simplify this process.

In the meantime, you can upload games and other software binaries onto Nibble using the esptool, which is located in your Arduino15 directory under packages/cm/tools/esptool_py/3.0.0. The Arduino15 directory is located at C:\Users\{username}\AppData\Local\Arduino15 on Windows, /Users/{username}/Library/Arduino15 on macOS, and /home/{username}/.arduino15 on Linux.

Invocation of the tool (via CMD or other command line interfaces) for Nibble is as follows:
esptool -b 115200 --port <port> write_flash 0x0 <binary>
Where <binary> is the path to the game binary, and <port> is the serial port to which the Nibble is connected. You can check that through the device manager.

If you have the game source code, you can open the main .ino file with Arduino IDE, select the Nibble board for compilation, and simply run the sketch to compile it and upload it to Nibble.

Let me know if you have any questions,

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