Error in JS console on project load

Yesterday I was trying to run an existing project (previously worked on only last weekend) and found a JS error in the Dev Tools console. It stops us from being able to upload our project to the Nibble, so is a real deal breaker! Appreciate it if there was a patch or a workaround we could use?
Did a little debugging that might help:
"Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ',41Z-}YPwX{g)[email protected]' of undefined" when I drilled down a little and formatted the JS it looks like this ![image|690x127](upload://yE3qNUDxMhnHm7gvmjwhPDcSh1Y.png) Seems to be a problem with getFieldValueand I think it stems fromArduino.initnot completing. I didn't spend much time investigating, but I think there's a problem with this functionn.Arduino.variableDB_.setVariableMap(e.getVariableMap());`

I hadn’t done any updates, so not sure why this suddenly started happening. Does Circuit Blocks download a fresh copy of Arduino every time (hence the long wait)? Is there any way to speed this up, as it can be quite annoying when needing to restart the app (but the jokes do help!).

Please reach out to su via [email protected]

Press the send error report button on the homescreen and provide the error report ID in your email.

We’ll help. Thank you for your patience

I did find a workaround for the time being. I created a new empty project and all I have to do is open that project and close it again, then open the project we’re actually working on and the error never happens and we can continue working. I’ll send the error report via email now.

Hey, Jim! Thanks for letting us know about that. Could you please attach the sketch that causes the error so we can get a better understanding of the problem?


Hi Filip. I’m not sure where the sketches actually get saved (I’m on a on mac). Could you please advise?

Actually, forget that. Found them. xml files, right? I’ll email one over

I already replied by email, but I’ll also copy it here in case someone stumbles upon the same bug.

Thanks for providing the sketch. Upon digging around a bit, I found out that the issue is caused by CircuitBlocks inferring the wrong type for one of the variables. Unfortunately, we’re currently swamped with a few large projects and won’t be able to allocate resources towards fixing the issue for a few weeks, but I’ll let you know as soon as we fix it.

Thank you for your understanding,

That’s ok, I understand. The workaround for now is just to open a blank project first and then go back and open the project we’re working on.