ESP32 as hotspot?

It looks like the ESP32 has a hotspot or “softap” mode which sets itself as an access point for other devices to connect to it. That by itself wouldn’t be as useful, but with a 4G connection things start to make sense. I’m not sure how the routing to the internet via 4G will work with softap mode. I’m still waiting on my Ringo so I can’t do much yet.

Feature Request: 4G hotspot functionality with SSID and passphrase option.

Although we’ve been warned against doing so, if stable enough, my idea is to use this as a minimalist phone, but some remote laptop work using it’s hotspot would be nice.


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This might be possible, but I’ve never tried it. Unfortunately, I don’t think we’ll ever implement a functionality like this one since our main priority is education, but I’d really love to see someone from the community do it.