ESP32-CAM IoT Module

hey all. i’m a bit late to the party, but i have a 4g Ringo/MakerPhone kit on its way since i have some post-contract time for frivolous projects coming up. so far the unit/ecosystem looks cool, but personally i think a camera is still a good addition to a dumbphone.

i was thinking about this module since, as i understand it, the ESP32 board still has IoT pins free after assembly. any insight before i start speccing out this addition?


thank you for reaching out and for your feedback. We discontinued Ringo, but you can still find the schematics for it here: Ringo's Schematics | CircuitMess


hi Sandi! thanks for the reply. it was more-or-less a question for the community, not the staff :sweat_smile: anyone who’s still tinkering with the platform.